Saturday, September 29, 2012

So a few nights ago i went to a restaurant called Maha in Melbourne and I loved it. We went to celebrate my mum and a friends birthday and there were 5 of us that went.It was a amazing experience and had a great atmosphere that is laid back but you still feel like you are at a fancy restaurant.The food is middle eastern, mediterranean and is delicious.We had the 6 course degustation and it was some of the best food i have had at a restaurant.Before you get your first course they bring a little bread roll and then a little shot of hibiscus tea and you have to say "saha" right before you drink the tea.

Then came first course which was smoked pork hock broth, silver beet, beans, quail egg.It was beautiful and had a really strong meaty flavor.

 Second course was smoked kibbeh neya, yohurt wasabi foam, soy pearls, mint, cucumber, rice cracker. When I read the menu i had no idea what kebbeh neya was turns out it is raw tuna.This was very nice but the wasabi foam was really strong for me
Third course was poached rainbow trout, tapioca, dill, candied walnuts, salmon caviar, trout pashmak. This has to be the best fish I have ever had I loved it.
Fourth Course was corn fed chicken tagine, broken egg, corn bread, saffron, iranian figs, sucuk soil.This was my favorite savory dish.The flavors were amazing and I love the little fig.
Fifth course was Lamb loin, tahini mousse, roasted eggplant foam, freekah, quinoa, fried cauliflower and shoulder cigar. I don't really eat a lot of lamb but this was really nice, I loved the cigar and the foam.
Last course for me was the best it was beetroot sponge, beetroot ganache, watermelon rosewater ice, milk chocolate peppermint crisp ice cream I loved this so much.
We also ordered a bowl of Turkish delight donuts. They were so yummy.
And the best thing before we left we got a little spice mix and all the girls got a packet with the ingredients to make the donuts which just made the night that much better.So all in all i had a great time and hope to go there again some day.Thanks to all staff at Maha for make our night so enjoyable.

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 One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

 Love Chloe xoxoxoxo

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